Land Clearing & Excavation

Keep Things Simple

Our focus has always been on high-quality work that exceeds our personal expectations and leaves the customer feeling as if the money the spent on us was well worth it.


What We Do

Riverside Excavating helps landowners in Lake Holcombe and surrounding areas needing to clear undeveloped land by creating a custom excavation plan that fits within our client's budget, needs, and timeline.

We can help you develop your land for food plots, home builds, tree removal, and more.


Screening is the removal of large rocks and debris from the top soil. Perfect for new food plots.


Perfect for grading, ditches & ponds, as well as digging out your basement's footprint.



There is a Difference

why us

Setting A New Standard

Our focus is to deliver honest, professional excavation work in a timely manner. Above all, we want our clients to feel our gratitude for their business. That's why we started this to begin with.

We know there are a lot of options in our area when it comes to excavation, but we've noticed there is a reliability issue. We felt we could fill that need. Read our Mission + Values to get a sense as to who we are.

our story

What They Are Saying

We value our clients very much and that means when they say kind words about the work we do, we want to tell the world!

nicole crosby

" Timely, Responsive, and Quality

Matt is a timely, responsive and quality individual. His small business is one of the good ones, and so worth supporting. Highly recommend!

Ron jolitz

" highly recommend

Matt did my 200 foot drive which turned out excellent, He also removed about 25 trees and stumps. Cleaned and leveled area after. I highly recommend him.

r LaForte

" More than satisfied

Matt is honest, hard working, fair prices and a perfectionist. We are very happy with his work and so will you! He has done a few projects for us and we are more than satisfied. Matt is one stop shopping for excavation. We will not go anywhere else!

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